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Shady Hill artist, Sandra Piller, now has her
own YouTube channel. CLICK HERE and then
hit SUBSCRIBE to have instant access to Sandra's music videos. 
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Nashville's grand tradition of "writers' rounds" continues to flourish.


What is a Writers' Round?  A Writers' Round makes for a great show as audiences truly get “up close and personal” with the songwriters.  The classic format of a round has four songwriters on stage. One performs a song, followed by the next writer, and the next, and so on. Each songwriter can join in with the others, add harmonies, contribute a guitar riff, or just listen. Writers talk about how and why they wrote the songs, and there are always lively stories and interaction between the writers.




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Due to COVID-19, performances this year are Live Stream only.  For artist Sandra Piller

and for Writer's Round Live Stream events, visit Sandra Piller on and  

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